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The conception of a baby, the pregnancy and the birth are some of the most sacred and unique moments of a Woman's life. To live these moments with mindfulness and equanimity, it is precious to feel well surrounded. With loving-kindness, empathy, positiveness and dedicated care, I am happy to accompany Mothers, Mothers-to-be and Couples in their journey. I welcome you in my little Kokoon Yoga studio, for perinatal private classes, designed to understand your needs and to provide you with the tools & technics most suitable for you.

My approach

Private classes are based on Hatha Yoga and are enriched by learnings from Dr Bernadette de Gasquet and B.K.S Iyengar.

Passionate about a feminine approach to Yoga & Ayurveda, I have specialized over the years on the following topics:

- Fertility

- Pregnancy

- Birth

- Feminine Cycle

By sharing with you specific, but accessible, Yoga technics, you will learn a set of natural & therapeutic tools designed for you, that you can practice any time and any place that is convenient for you. 


Each private class is like you, unique. However, they all follow a same protocol:

The first private class aims at understanding your needs, your expectations and motivations. Based on our first exchanges, I will already share with you a few postures, breathings and technics. 

The following classes will be organized around a personalized yoga practice, designed specifically for you and your needs. We will also make a follow-up on your evolution and make adjustments, if necessary, on our therapeutic approach.


Your partner is welcome to join the private class, free of charge. 

In order to adapt the tools & technics to your medical condition (if any), a strictly confidential medical questionnaire shall be completed during the first private class.

Private classes take place in my little yoga studio, situated in Belmont-sur-Lausanne. Once you have booked an appointment (see booking button below), a confirmation with all useful information (access, dress code, advice before a consultation, ...) will be shared with you per email. In the meanwhile, please, feel free to contact me for any question.

Listen to your needs, understand your expectations and motivations

Propose a personalized therapeutic approach, with the tools & technics that are ideal for you, in terms of your journey, your medical condition and your preferences. 


Yoga private classes specifically prepared for you, according to the therapeutic approach discussed together. 

Follow-up on your journey, and adapt the consultations depending on your evolution and your wishes. Yoga is such a rich disciplin that it can be approached in many different ways. For sure, we will find the best options for you !